Released: 2016-12-16


H&T02 - Driven / Xmop 198

DJ Koze, Robag Wruhme

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Hart & Tief returns. Pampa's dark bastard. The Proverbial black sheep. For the second statement from the label, we have the twin voices of DJ Koze and Robag Wruhme. Both are masters at remaining simultaneously identifiable yet surprising, and the freedom afforded by this fledgling label sees them push their respective milieus. Driven see's Koze return to previously mined percussive tropes and plumb a new minimalist clarity of emotion through maximal means. The track thuds, clicks and pumps in a singular trajectory that belies its complexity and compliments its title. Not to be outdone, Robag Wruhme provides X-mop 198, a slice of linear horror-techno that deftly re-contextualises its simplistic components in to a jagged and constantly surprising listen, creating a form of body music for the mind.



DJ Koze – Driven


Robag Wruhme – Xmop 198