There is a remarkable elegance to the way Pete, best known as Lawrence, found his space as an artist internationally somewhere between Hamburg and Tokyo. Lawrence produces, djs and at rare occasions plays live. Doing this for over a decade and fluently moving through ambient, experimental and club music, he now completes a trilogy of albums on his japanese home MULE MUSIQ, run by Toshiya Kawasaki. „Yoyogi Park“ (2016) is his seventh album overall and after many classic releases - also appearing on Pampa, Cocoon, Ghostly International or Underground Quality - he delivers what people grew to love: subtle but playful house and techno music, equally vulnerable and liberating. With Lawrence being a true collaborator, there should be hardly anyone interested in contemporary electronic music who has not been touched by his work in one small way or the other. A fleeting moment on a dancefloor, at home wearing headphones or holding a stunningly designed record sleeve. Together with like-minded artists, Lawrence laid the groundwork for his presence co-founding the free-spirited labels DIAL in 2000 and SMALLVILLE in 2005, also marking the beginning of his long-standing collaboration with visual artist Stefan Marx.
Starting out at the legendary Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg he now is a regular DJ in the scenes most beloved clubs (Panoramabar, Robert Johnson, Zukunft, Oval, Concrete...) where the DIAL allnighter consistently showcases the labels artistic depth. And it still isn’t all he does. One might also catch him playing with his experimental Improv-band „Sky Walking“ alongside Christian Naujoks and RVDS. As with his own music he found a striking balance of outlets as an artist, offering fragile concerts, exciting decisions for his labels and intense, emotionally intricate DJ-sets. A worldwide touring schedule with stops at festivals like Mutek, Dimensions or Dekmantel takes Lawrence to where he feels most at home: out there, sharing music.