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Released: 2010-03-15


PAMPA002 - DiscoDisco2


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For their first Pampa Records release, Jackmate & Missing Linkx's raw grooves and innate musicality achieve new heights of inventiveness with Discodisco2, a record that is already one of the most memorable of the year.

Within the first few seconds of “Discodisco2” it’s clear this isn’t any ordinary club track! A favourite in Koze’s recent DJ sets, the atmospheric “Discodisco2” is propelled by the urgent momentum of stomping post-punk and deep funk. A brooding retro groove is built on a three-note bass guitar loop, with the dubbed-out bass lick making for a uniquely organic dancefloor experience. Building to a crescendo with sampled soul vocals and a dueling guitar-and-synth melody, “Discodisco2” is guaranteed to momentarily transform any club into an authentic disco block party.

On the flip Jackmate & The Missing Linkx again hone in on the power of instrumentation, resulting in a track that Koze himself says sounds “like Sly Stone in the bathtub”! “TäteräTä” is built on a base of honking brass, handclaps, mouth-made percussion, and tech-tinged beats, before a cello thunders to life to deliver the penultimate moment of psychedelic quirkiness. Melding, moulding and transforming the cello into unrecognisability, it takes on a life of its own at the forefront of the track, before melting into liquid keys and ghostly choruses.

By refusing the empty synthesized effects and "modern" sounds found in so many tracks these days, Jackmate & The Missing Lynkx have succeeded with Discodisco2 in creating timeless classics for fans of forward-thinking music.