Released: 2016-10-01


PAMPA027 - How close to be

Mike Dehnert

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Pampa is ecstatic to welcome Berlin’s Mike Denhert for his label debut.

Known for an uncompromising, heads-down approach to moving dance floors, whether as a producer, a DJ, or in his live incarnation, Mike has provided 2 original tracks that are as distinct as they are relentless, possessed of a cerebral quality that belies their tough and stripped back aesthetic.

„How Close To Be“ is a stuttering march of half heard and half imagined discourse, broken by bright synthesis which disappears before it can fully form, with the disorientating sonics held in check only by the rigidity of rhythm running throughout the tracks length. It’s both surprising and linear. Dark and uplifting.

„Me Too“ is also a creature of opposing ideologies. Warped moving Jazz plays with static Motorik patterns, automation curls around repetition, and textures change position throughout. Bright keys warp, and swing ebbs in and flows out, all to an eventually breathless but ultimately compelling sum of these parts.