Released: 2021-05-28

PAMPADIGI001 - No Road Without A Turn

Mano Le Tough

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Mano Le Tough returns with `No Road Without A Turn´, the first single from his new album, `At The Moment`. A contemporary exploration of dub disco `No Road Without A Turn´, sees the Irishman's instrumental and production talents graduate to a new level. The perfect soundtrack for a summer evening stroll, "No Road Without A Turn" whets the appetite for what is to come.

“The title is about the fact that no situation in life stays the same forever but it's also about being in the moment and accepting the change. Musically its quite representative of the instrumentation on the album and although it doesn't have a vocal, the guitar part is quite lyrical” tells Mano.

He continues: “`No Road Without A Turn´ was inspired by dub and balearic music, it starts off in a linear, chugging fashion and then blossoms into something else when the guitars come in.”

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Release Date Album `At The Moment´: 20 august 2021