Released: 2022-08-05

PAMPADIGI003 - knock knock Remixes #2

Dave DK, DJ Koze, Mano Le Tough

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The cat is out of the bag: DJ Koze’s Knock Knock remixes part 2 are delivered by deep house label fella Dave DK. He presents new interpretations of the guitar-heavy slow groover Illumination feat. Róisín Murphy and the highly atmospheric Planet Hase track with the distinctive indie vocals of Mano le Tough.

Illumination gets a deep groove, which very slowly flows into the main theme, only to rise into a summery extravaganza after almost 6 minutes. The piece is a homage to the good old International Pony days, an early band that consisted of DJ Koze, Erobique and Cosmic DJ. Dave borrowed some samples of a Pépé Bradock remix which makes a fantastic melange.

Planet Hase unfolds very smooth with a deeper kick drum unleashing a bunch of chopped samples from the original tune that are mizzling around the magical, slowly rising theme. Mano's voice presents itself in some surprising moments in the middle of the track. The happy-melancholic title theme that you indulge in over 10 minutes is over faster than you can eat a vegan ice cream at 40 degrees by the lake.

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DJ Koze - Planet Hase Feat. Mano Le Tough (Dave DK Remix)


DJ Koze - Illumination Feat. Róisín Murphy (Dave DK Remix)